DELICO Dim Sum (St Anny’s), a Dutch producer of delectable Asian snacks, has been satisfying taste buds since 1982. Their latest milestone involves the inauguration of a cutting-edge production facility in Gorinchem. This state-of-the-art setup required an intricate electrical infrastructure to power their production machinery, ovens, and steam cabinets.

Powering Up with a 3000A Power Distribution Cabinet

df automation embarked on a mission to create a powerhouse electrical system that could meet the demands of their extensive machinery. At the heart of it all is a robust 3000A power distribution cabinet, meticulously designed and constructed by our expert team. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of electrical systems, we ensured every specific requirement was met.

The power distribution cabinet boasts 60 connections, each meticulously installed and rigorously tested to guarantee a reliable and secure power supply. This is where the magic happens, where each machine that churns out DELICO’s mouthwatering creations is seamlessly powered.

Designing with Precision and Compliance

Advanced software tools played a pivotal role in designing the power distribution cabinet. This state-of-the-art approach allowed DELICO to adhere to the NEN 1010 standards while optimizing the layout. Careful consideration was given to spacing and heat dissipation. The power distribution cabinet is structured with multiple subdivisions, providing the flexibility to isolate sections if necessary.

Laying the Foundation with 2700 Meters of Cabling

Creating the connections between the various machines required an intricate web of cabling, encompassing a grand total of 2700 meters. df automation ensured that the cable infrastructure was not only efficient but also exceptionally reliable. This robust network ensures that every machine operates seamlessly, churning out the exquisite flavors DELICO Dim Sum is known for.

DELICO Dim Sum’s new production facility in Gorinchem is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. The intricate electrical system, including the 3000A power distribution cabinet and 2700 meters of cabling, forms the backbone of their operation. With this electrical infrastructure in place, DELICO is poised to continue delighting palates with their delectable Asian snacks for many years to come.

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