Nature Bio-Foods is a pioneer in the organic trade in India and is recognized worldwide for its many years of remarkable achievements, quality products and reliability. In addition, they are world leaders in providing authentic organic ingredients to the world of consumers through the practice of sustainable delivery and production techniques that secure a growing future for all members. The starting point is to lead the supply chain of organic ingredients with a strong focus on sustainability and the best processing output. To achieve all this, Nature bio Foods has drawn up a process according to which they work, see Farm to Fork – Nature Bio Foods.

With a view to sustainability, the work process has been improved with the help of automation. We have automated the cleaning machines for cleaning farm products. This speeds up the process of cleaning the products.

After cleaning, the products are stored in different silos. These silos are controlled by several motors. This control is also automated. With this, the process for storage takes place carefully.

Security is then built into all these automation systems that reacts to the moment when a deviation occurs in the process. For this purpose, we have developed a touchscreen for the operator, with which he can determine various factors and control the entire process.

Finally, an energy meter is built-in. This keeps track of the energy consumption of the entire process, which can also be used to print reports. It is connected to SAP (SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for business process management. We develop solutions that help organizations in the digital transformation. With SAP software, for example, organizations can effectively process data and facilitate information flows between organizations).

New cabling and new control systems have been built and installed for all these automation measures.

Result: Day work has been reduced to 1 hour work.