df-automation worked on the successful implementation of an advanced automated management system for an explosion-proof production environment for LT Foods Europe (www.ltgroup.in). This project involved the development and installation of customized solutions to improve the safety, efficiency and control of the production process.

LT Foods Europe is an Indian family-owned company specializing in rice and rice products. It oversees the harvesting, milling, processing and distribution of rice and rice products. Headquartered in Delhi, India, the company has several branches worldwide.


Project objectives:

  1. Explosion safety: The project focused on minimising explosion hazards in the production environment by implementing ATEX Zone 22-compliant systems and equipment.
  2. Automation: The focus was on creating an automated system to safely dispose of waste and manage industrial processes without human intervention.
  3. Control and Monitoring: The integration of a SCADA interface enabled local and remote monitoring, management and data collection of industrial processes.
Stofavoer ATEX zone 22
Stofavoer ATEX zone 22

Work carried out:

  1. Waste disposal system: df-automation completely overhauled the existing waste disposal system and replaced it with an automated and fully enclosed system.This efficiently disposed of explosive waste and reduced it to an ATEX Zone 22.
  2. Electrical Systems according to ATEX EX guidelines:The entire electrical system, including cabling, control cabinets and sensors, was built according to the strictest ATEX EX guidelines to ensure safety.
  3. Explosion-proof Motors: Special explosion-proof motors were installed to drive conveyor belts, minimising the risk of ignitions.
  4. SCADA integration: df-automation implemented an advanced SCADA interface to enable real-time control and monitoring, both locally and remotely. This system was also deployed for data collection, processing and storage.

The project led to significant improvements in safety, efficiency and control in LT Foods Europe’s explosion-proof production environment.
The use of automated systems, ATEX-compliant equipment and integrated control systems has minimised the risk of explosion hazards and optimised industrial processes.

This project illustrates our commitment to innovation and safety, and highlights our ability to provide tailor-made solutions to complex industrial challenges.